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What is SWAP?
The mission of the StateWide Art Partnership is to help establish Visual Art Education as a regular part of the general curriculum in the Utah Schools. Through the various programs of the partnership, teachers can learn to understand and appreciate art in ways that may result in a lifelong commitment to art as a part of their lives and that of their students. This commitment and resulting enthusiasm can be used to add richness to a curriculum that serves the students and the families in Utah. Every child should know and benefit from their valuable visual art heritage as citizens of this great state.
SWAP (the StateWide Art Partnership) is a group of museum and art educators from across the state. It includes representatives from the Springville Museum of Art, the BYU Museum of Art, the UMFA, and other museums as well as elementary and secondary art teachers from Nebo, Provo and Alpine School Districts. Current Committee Members

All SWAP programs are generously supported by the Utah State Legislature through POPS (Professional Outreach Programs in the Schools) funding that is disseminated through the Utah State Office of Education. The Museum thanks all of the following sponsors for their ongoing support of arts education in Utah schools:
Annual Reports*
*Please note that these reports are for POPS-funded programs only and do not reflect the entire Springville Museum of Art Association.
March 30, 2015
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