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Art Talks

Through Art Talks, full-time Outreach Educators from SMA visit with students and teachers to provide workshops and training. This program is provided at no cost to schools. Those interested in scheduling should contact the Outreach Assistant at SMAOutreach@springville.org or call 801-491-5709. The following programs are available for elementary, middle, and high school students:

Faculty Professional Development - This in-service consists of discussion-based group activities, which revolve around posters and postcards from SMA’s collection. A packet of lesson plans, several posters, and sixteen classroom sets of postcards will be donated at no charge to the school. This in-service training takes approximately thirty minutes. Our Outreach Educators are also available to provide in-service training for several schools at the same time, as in district-level professional development days.
Gallery Experience - Posters representing artworks from the Springville Museum of Art's permanent collection will be displayed in a self-contained space (e.g. media center or kiva) where students will engage in an aesthetic discussion facilitated by an SMA Outreach Educator. The Gallery Experience takes approximately thirty minutes for each class of twenty to thirty students.
Studio Experience - This is an art-making experience that focuses on people. Students will practice new figure drawing skills by observing their own classmates. This workshop is held in a classroom and lasts approximately thirty minutes for each class of twenty to thirty students. Schools will provide paper and pencils, a white board or elmo, and, if possible, a microphone.
Exploring Self - This program is designed to help students find personal meaning in art, specifically through the theme of identity. Students will engage in group and classroom-wide discussions about identity-themed SMA art, play relevent team-building games, and reflect upon their experience. A pre-visit packet (given to teachers upon scheduling a date) provides activities to do before and after the ArtTalks presentation. This presentation can be adapted to various time lengths. 
Portfolio Day and Annual All-State High School Show Workshops - These after school workshops prepare high school juniors and seniors for two of SMA's annual high school programs.  Offered throughout the state, these programs inform students on requirements and tips to make the most of Portfolio Day and the Annual All-State High School show.  This workshop takes approximately sixty minutes.
Art Talks is conducted by the StateWide Arts Partnership (SWAP) and funded by the Utah State Legislature through Professional Outreach Programs in the Schools (POPS) under the direction of the Utah State Office of Education (USOE).
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February 25, 2017
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