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27th Annual Christmas Lamb Exhibition

December 1 - December 30, 2012

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This annual juried exhibition showcases the art of school-age children from around Utah County. Inspired by a story about the true meaning of Christmas, these young artists have created inspired and touching works that will hang in the Museum’s Ingrid F. Nemelka Gallery throughout the month of December. This exhibition is generously sponsored by David and Ingrid Nemelka of Mapleton, Utah.

Accepted Work Announced!
Congratulations to the following young artists whose work was selected for this year's exhibition:

Alpine Elementary School
Kylee VandeCar (grade 4)
American Heritage School
Lizzie Beckwith (grade 4)
Aaron Boden (grade 5)
Cody Dowdle (grade 2)
Emma Gibbs (grade 3)
Victoria Green (grade 2)
Hannah Larsen (grade )
Malissa Lytle (grade 5)
Kenna Macdonald (grade 2)
Alessa Mousques (grade 4)
Marinn Patch (grade 3)
Josh Rhilpot (grade 4)
Leah Rickenbach (grade 5)
Emma Ricks (grade )
Annika Southern (grade 2)
Addison Symonds (grade 5)
Mia Wilkins (grade 5)
Claire (grade 3)
American Leadership Academy
Sophia Cope (grade 1)
Vedana Gaul (grade 9)
Centennial Middle School
Ann Elgaaen (grade 7)
Diamond Fork Junior High School
Alisa Baadsgaard (grade 7)
Eagle Valley Elementary School
Sydney Shaw (grade 0)
Foothills Elementary School
Kaylee Hiatt (grade 5)
Franklin Elementary School
Bailey Young (grade 6)
Freedom Elementary School
Ella Danielson (grade 1)
Emma Fetzer (grade 5)
Dylan Layton (grade 2)
Eliza Miner (grade 3)
Eli Nitchman (grade 1)
Rachel Nitchman (grade 3)
Eleanor Nuccitelli (grade 5)
Chloe Parkin (grade 2)
Hobble Creek Elementary School
Libby Anderson (grade 3)
Blake Harrison (grade 5)
Sydney White (grade 2)
Chloe Guinn (grade 5)
Joseph Huff (grade 4)
Maple Mountain High School
Salinas Cardenas (grade 10)
Mapleton Junior High School
Heather Woolf (grade 8)
Provost Elementary School
Emily Elgaaen (grade 4)
Rees Elementary School
Sydney Adams (grade 4)
Jefferson Ballard (grade 6)
Asa Baugh (grade 1)
Julien Baugh (grade 5)
Hannah Drege (grade 5)
Evin Fulwider (grade 6)
Kaleb Fulwider (grade 4)
Wyatt Jastensen (grade 6)
Schyter Jenkins (grade 6)
Dominic Jensen (grade 6)
Makaya Kearns (grade 4)
Justin Lee (grade 6)
Treyven Lefson (grade 5)
Kevin Mancia (grade 4)
Kacey Melton (grade 6)
Maisy Melton (grade 4)
Clancey Nez (grade 5)
Sammie Patterson (grade 4)
Jentrie Reid (grade 6)
Tytan Telford (grade 5)
Braxton Turner (grade 5)
Briana Wright (grade 4)
Renaissance Academy
Lars Beck (grade 3)
Madeline Burnah (grade 0)
Gage Warren (grade 1)
Snow Springs Elementary School
Paige Quist (grade 2)
Wasatch Elementary School
Daniel Shane (grade 1)
Katelyn Whatcott (grade 4)
Spencer Whatcott (grade 1)

Awards Ceremony
All exhibiting artists and their parents, teachers, and families are invited to join us for an Awards Ceremony on Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 11:00am. During this ceremony, artists will receive a certificate and cash prize, courtesy of the Nemelka family. Refreshments will be served.
Christmas Lamb Story
This exhibition is inspired by the touching story of a young boy who, after visiting an art museum, learns to appreciate the true spirit of Christmas. We encourage artists to ponder on the meaning of this story before submitting artwork for consideration.

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