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Eyes Wide Open

September 11 - November 1, 2013

Artists interpret the world in a variety of styles and mediums. They observe, sketch, and make studies; they paint, sculpt, photograph, or assemble. Through their creations we see the world through new eyes and share their perceptions. In turn their artistic visions awaken our senses and clarify our own views. We, as viewers, engage with these works in delight, in deep thought, and in a new found appreciation for the artistic process.

Four individual collections make up the Eyes Wide Open exhibition shown in the Museum’s main floor galleries. Brian Kershisnik is noted for his lively, yet thoughtful, representations of life, relationships, and especially man’s best friend, his dog. The Inspirational Art Association is a group of artists committed to sharing deep spiritual belief and value in their works. Sarah Richards Samuelson’s love of flowers and family combine in works that reflect the joys of daily beauty. Denny Thurston captures the grandeur of nature in his dramatic photographs of familiar landscapes.
Observe an Artist at work! Artist Brian Kershisnik will be in the galleries throughout the exhibition on Tuesdays; 10-12, and Wednesdays; 4-6. Stop by and see how an artist creates. (Oct 8th & 9th he will not be in the gallieries).
As you wander through the galleries be sure to explore the artistic uniqueness of each collection and also ponder the glorious bounty that emerges as these artists view the world around them with powerful insight and with their eyes wide open to the abundance of life. Meet the Artists November 1, 2013 from 5-8 pm

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